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Certified Poison Testing
Approved Centers Protect Privacy and Confidentiality

Looking for expert poison testing for a sick employee or a family member? National Screening Centers offer top quality services for companies and private individuals. Our labs have all the necessary certifications and approvals to guarantee authenticity of results.

Illness or death from poisoning is a serious matter. Only specialized tests can confirm your suspicions or put your fears to rest. Our results are legally conclusive, which means they will stand up in court. Effective treatment also depends on determining the right cause. Many poisons can be determined from blood and urine samples. The faster you act, the quicker and more definitive the results will be.

What do our poison testing services cover ?
  • Poisons
  • Toxins
  • Drugs
  • Heavy metals
  • Carcinogenic substances like asbestos, lead, etc.
  • Chemical detection
  • Unknown substances

Abnormal skin color accompanied by difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, headaches, seizure or confusion can be a sign of poisoning. National Screening Centers ensures your privacy and confidentiality and will never release results to an unauthorized party.

Call 713-226-7847 to schedule poison testing. Or e-mail us at <e-mail address>for additional information.

Expert Poison Testing Services at Competitive Rates

National Screening Centers is committed to providing hassle-free poison testing services at competitive rates. We understand that lives depend on the accuracy of our results and take the utmost care during sample collection and the test process to reduce contamination. That’s why we only work with certified sample takers and labs.

What’s the advantage of poison testing at National Screening Centers?
  • Convenient, personalized and confidential service
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Qualified personnel
  • All procedures and labs follow industry standards (Quest Diagnostics licenses,  NIDA approved, FDA approved, SAMSHA, CLIA and CAP certifications)
  • Onsite and mobile testing facilities
  • Strict chain of custody and quality control withstands legal challenges
  • Possession of specimen is documented from the time of collection until disposal or storage to provide legal support for your case

National Screening Centers is well recognized for its advanced test facilities and high quality personalized services. From poison testing to DNA and paternity testing, drug and alcohol testing, and third party drug program administration, you can count on us to get the job done efficiently and with minimum interruption to your daily schedule. Volume tests are never a problem for us—we have over 3,500 offices to work with.

Contact National Screening Centers for approved poison testing services.