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Specialized Hair Follicle & Drug Testing Service in Crime Lab

Approved Screening Services for Private and Corporate Needs
Get Legally Conclusive Results for DNA, Drug and Alcohol Testing

Looking for legitimate drug and alcohol testing services? Need to ensure thorough background checks or a third party drug administration program for DOT compliance?

Look for a private DNA testing or poison testing facility offering definitive results that will stand up in court for yourself or a family member.

National Screening Centers works with some of the best labs in the country to deliver legally conclusive results in a relatively short span of time. With our network of 3,500 offices all over the country, volume is never an issue. More importantly, you don’t have to come to us; we can bring our services to you with sufficient notice. We can test anywhere in the United States.

Companies and private individuals know they can trust us for maximum accuracy as well as confidentiality.  We employ the strictest testing and security measures. You’ll never have to worry about sample contamination or results falling into the wrong hands.

What types of screening services do we offer?
  • DNA testing (including prenatal) to determine paternity and for Child Safety Identification (CSI), relationship during inheritance issues and for immigration purposes, as well as infidelity
  • Poisons testing including toxins,  drugs, heavy metals,  carcinogenic substances like asbestos, lead, etc., chemical detection and unknown substances
  • Hair follicle testing – inside hair shaft and outside hair shaft
  • Exposure hair testing
  • Finger nail testing
  • ETG alcohol testing
  • Urine testing – can test for over 4000 prescribed and street drugs
  • K2 testing
  • Bath salts testing
  • Street drugs testing – including marijuana, ecstasy, meth amphetamine, Vicodin, Oxycodone, Darvocet, Percocet, Xanax, and heroine
  • Crime lab testing –(Certified DPS)
Call 713-226-7847 for certified screening services anywhere in the US. Or e-mail us at to learn more.

National Screening Services from a Certified Network of Labs

Whether it is for DNA paternity testing or crime lab testing, National Screening Centers only works with federally qualified collectors and laboratories to guarantee authenticity of results. All labs are certified to perform the testing services (with Quest Diagnostics licenses, NIDA approved, FDA approved, SAMSHA, CLIA and CAP certifications) that they offer. That’s why we are the first choice of legal services, hospitals, large corporations, small businesses and private individuals. From child protective services to county courts, the coast guard and multinational companies like Shell Oil we serve a diverse range of clients.

Accuracy, speed and privacy are the hallmarks of diagnostic testing, and we are proud to say that our national network exceeds all expectations. Individual urine testing, hair testing or third party drug administration program; we always provide highly personalized and efficient service. We cover a large geographical area and offer competitive rates so that everyone can avail of our services when required.

Over 20 years in the industry and an unparalleled depth of experience puts us in a unique position to meet all kinds of testing needs.

Contact us for DNA testing, poisons testing, third party drug administration programs, crime lab testing, etc. at competitive rates.